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Long time no see!

Here's some Keeva and Aurelius chilling

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My tiefling wizard, Quincy!

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messing around with procreates new update featuring zagreus!


More tender stuff with these two! I couldn't decide on a background so here's the two I liked

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recent painting practice.


I'm not saying I'm a bit obsessed with Aurelius but I kinda am

Some cute moments

Some cute Keeva and Aurelius drawings! You might notice he doesn't have his horns in that middle picture. There's a very reasonable explanation for that I promise (I misunderstood the hat's magical properties when I made the drawing lmao).

Holding Hands

A cute little sequence I drew before these 2 started dating! Aurelius is v shy.

An Anonymous user asked:

10 cool facts about aurelius?

1. He was abandoned as a baby in front of a small village's church. He's 24 now so he's not too bothered about it anymore, but the fact that whoever his parents were didn't want him really affected him when he was a kid.

2. He doesn't know how to swim, so he's pretty scared of big bodies of water.

3. He really likes drawing! I imagine he has a very medieval manuscript kinda style.

4. He grew up in a priory, and was not allowed to go out much, since the higher ups didn't want the village thinking less of them for letting a "devil" live with them.

5. I imagine he has quite a nice singing voice.

6. My voice claim for him is Beau Stephenson! Here's a really nice video of him doing a voice over. I really have to practice talking a bit more like him in our sessions, since I usually end up just talking in my normal voice for Aurelius.

7. He's currently dating the demon worshipping warlock in the party :^) Of course, he doesn't know about the demon worshipping part, yet.

8. He tries to be nice but unfortunately he comes off as a bit of a passive aggressive asshole sometimes.

9. He has a forked tongue and quite sharp teeth that he's quite self conscious of. He's really proud of his hair though!

10. He currently has the highest body count of the party so far :^)

Misc Aurelius doodle dump

Here's a bunch of various doodles I've done for Aurelius!

1. Getting attacked by a rust monster and suffering

2. Him and his childhood friend Darius

3. A funky composition that I'll probably never finish

4. The young Pope redraw lmao. This was from that session where the party spent a day shoping in town and he got a nice magical hat that would let his horns through no problem! The hat made the outfit look very familiar...

wulf asked:

I really like Aurelius, your art of him is gorgeous. What's his divine domain as a cleric, and what sort of campaign(s) is he in (or was in)?

Thank you so much! I really do love him. We actually started his campaign around May if I remember correctly? Since this campaign was only to have some fun during quarantine our DM let all four of us be tieflings! It's been so fun for character interactions! The party is composed of a barbarian, Dandelion; a rogue, Keira; a warlock, Keeva (everyone thinks she's a wizard for now) and my boy Aurelius the cleric! Our DM has started playing a Warforged with us for the last few sessions as well, a wonderful boy called 1037! I've never played a cleric before and I'm really enjoying being the healer of the party. I'm gonna try to post some more art of the whole group that I've done over the past few months (most of it is memes tbf)

babushka asked:

is Aurelius wearing a crystal of some sort? What does it mean to him?

He's actually wearing a broken piece of stained glass that was originally part of one of his god's churches! It works as his focus and it also has a feature that lets me blind someone with it for 6 seconds! It's been pretty fun using it for rp reasons :P He found it on one of his first adventures with his new group, so he's not particularly attached to it, but we'll see how it goes eventually!


My light cleric tiefling that I'm currently playing! He's so far my favourite character that I've played 🥺💕

Feel free to ask me any questions about him!

Dragonborn Commission

I don't think I posted this wonderful boy here! I loved working on this commission, I had a lot of fun designing his clothes

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D&D piece for a private client. So glad I got to do this right after I was able to get back to drawing after all the thesis stuff, it was such a treat to do.

Also I realized immediately upon Aurelius getting his new hat he now looks exactly like this

Can't wait to redraw as him

Shopping day

These 2 had a shopping day in our first session in 2 months! They got cute magic hats! It was so nice and chill to just go around town doing random stuff.

Updated Commission Sheets

Hi everyone! I've updated my commission post to make it look a bit more presentable.

I take commissions by PayPal, paid half upfront and half upon completion. If anyone's interested or just has any questions please shoot me an email at demekiiart@gmail.com or leave me a message here!

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A little update to my D&D dragonborn monk character, wearing his fancy clothes for an upcoming "formal" scene! I'm thinking owlbear-fur coat?

My guy here almost got himself killed last session, so we'll see whether or not he decides to go all-out at the event, or if he'll choose to play things safe now that he's got a second chance at life.


My dragonborn girl! She's a storm barbarian that I played for a pirate one-shot! She was so much fun to play, so I had to make her a reference sheet 🐲🌩️

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dryowl -

she’s done nothing wrong, ever, in her life

ref’d from Mrs. James Guthrie (1865) by Frederic Leighton

Aurelius' party outfit

Now we just gotta wait till the team go to a party!

Wealthy lady tiefling

Mainly an excuse to draw a bunch of gems and more tieflings!